The Stipe-Potter

Conspiracy Watch Group



A Message from -SPCWG- “Hudson”

I apologise for the time since our last message. I’m afraid things have gotten infinitely more dangerous than we had imagined. I will endeavor to contact you all again as soon as possible, though it may be quite some time.


We thank you all for your valiant efforts; without your aid, I would not be alive today. Our enemy is strong—we must be stronger.



A Message from -SPCWG- “Hudson”

Scramble! SCRAMBLE. We’re in over our heads.

A Message from -SPCWG- “Rock”

We are in grave danger. Our efforts at secrecy have been proven futile.



A Message from -SPCWG- “Hudson”

I know we all live in troubled times. Frightening things are happening all around us. The Media, it would seem, is gaining more and more control over our increasingly fragile lives. That is why now, more than ever, it is critical for us, the citizens, to rally together. We must each do our part to prevent the prevailing darkness from blotting out the truth completely.


We of the SPCWG are dedicated to aid the people of the world by bringing truth to light, and, where necessary, by confronting the powers that be face to face. But to reach that eventual possibility, we will need all the help we can muster. Thus, we plan to provide you with these video snippets of encoded information. It is up to you all to find the clues, and to find out more information.


When it is deemed safe to do so, we will provide you with the means to contact us. Until then, remain vigilant.


We cannot do this alone.


Number 1